"Hey! You guys are rolling around on the carpet with catnip just like me! That’s where I like to roll! We have so much in comm— wait a minute…guys? Guys? Something about this doesn’t feel quite right…Guys?”

"NO. I love whipped cream and I am not going to let you ruin it for me. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE IT FOR THAT."

"Is this real life?"

"Oh no, not on the rug…"

"I was coming in here to pee on the rug, but after seeing this, I feel a hairball coming on instead.”

"Dang, she’s leaving more scratches on his back than I ever have… I’m gonna need to step my game up."

"Eh, it ain’t pretty to watch, but there’s nothing good on Showtime tonight anyway."

"Looks like both of us just went from six to twelve…"

"Dude…I don’t think either one of you have had enough booze to justify your actions right now."

Quelle horreur...”

What did you do with my webcam?”


"Don’t look…don’t look…don’t look…DAMMIT WHY DO I KEEP LOOKING."

"Well…that body is certainly not a wonderland.”

"Daaaaaamn, I be rappin’ ‘bout this tomorrow…."